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2016-17 Graduates
Cat Sample, School Secretary Jeremy Meyers, Principal Kris Vallarta, Teacher Nanette Bailey, Instructional Aide
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School Site Council

2016-17 Council Members

Jeremy Meyers, Superintendent, Principal Golden Sierra Junior Senior High School and Divide High School

Kris Vallarta, Teacher

Kendra Steward, Instructional Aide

Karen Mendez, Secretary

Jake Lee, Parent


March 14, 2017 Minutes

1.  Members present:  Jeremy Meyers, Jake Lee, Kris Vallarta, Kendra Steward and Karen Mendez


2.  During the review of the 2017-18 Single Plan for Student Achievement discussion with regard to improving the learning environment   for students was had.  It was suggested that obtaining individual workstations (desks) for students would greatly improve their ability     to focus/concentrate during class.


    a.  Jeremy Meyers made a motion that an addition to the Plan be made under the heading School Goals for Improving Student Achievement.  The new language would include how the environment is critical to the learning process; and that acquiring individual work stations (desks) for students would help to improve their ability to learn.


    b.  The expenditure of $2,128.50 for 15 Integrity T-Leg desks was approved.


3.  Jeremy Meyers discussed two extra sources of funding currently available to Golden Sierra High School that may be available to Divide High School next school year.


     a.  Educational Effectiveness - $26,00 has currently been allocated to Golden Sierra, and


     b.  Current College readiness - $20,000 has currently been allocated to Golden Sierra


4.  Next meeting scheduled for May 9th at 2:15 pm.